We improve sales effectiveness with best practices and enabling technology.

Sales Enablement >

We identify the processes, information and tools that help salespeople sell more effectively by successfully engaging decision-makers throughout the buying journey.

Content Creation >

We create the sales asset repository and ensure the content is aligned with key stages of the buying cycle.

Training & Coaching >

We develop and enhance the knowledge transfer and the selling skills and strategy necessary for success.

Enabling Technology >

We partner with sales enablement technology firms that provide innovative, on-demand solutions to improve sales performance.

Sales Enablement



Design and implement an integrated sales enablement platform that improves sales performance.


  • Needs Analysis: Identify opportunities to improve sales performance.
  • Solution Design: Design an integrated solution including content assets, processes, training curriculum, coaching methods and technology platform.
  • Implementation: Develop an implementation plan; provide program management to cross-function internal teams and technology partners; provide ongoing advisory services .


  • Improved sales processes.
  • State-of-the-Art Sales Enablement Platform.

Content Creation



Engage buyers with the right content at the right time to influence decision-making.


  • Content Planning: Identify the sources of created or curated content most relevant to potential buyers.
  • Content Deployment: Develop the repository of sales assets with recommendations for how and when to present.
  • Analytics: Track usage metrics to identify content that influences buyer behavior .


  • Improved experience for those who create, distribute, present and consume content.
  • Stronger customer engagement.

Training & Coaching



Improve sales performance, reduce attrition and accelerate onboarding process.


  • Assessment: Behavioral, knowledge and professional selling skills.
  • Learning & Coaching Design: Customized, integrated programs to improve knowledge transfer and retention.
  • Curriculum Development & Execution: Create or curate meaningful content and deliver a sustainable learning experience .


  • Inspired, competent and confident sales teams.
  • Improved sales performance.

Enabling Technology



Sales training services need improvement to provide the right content at the right time for continuous learning at the speed of business.


IMS partners with LearnCore, which provides training and coaching software designed for rapid implementation and adoption:

  • Learn: develop and deliver training content on-demand to desktop and mobile devices.
  • Test: assess achievement and identify knowledge gaps.
  • Pitch IQ®: practice and coaching virtual role play to maximize comprehension and retention.


On-demand training improves sales effectiveness:

  • Increase revenue per salesperson
  • Decrease ramp up time
  • Reduce sales cycles
  • Minimize costs associated with live training