Inventory Management System Launch & Training


Client Overview

Global supplier of laboratory diagnostic instrumentation, reagents and related services. 

The Project

Develop and execute a plan to launch a new inventory management system designed specifically for healthcare organizations.


Hospitals are challenged with reducing the cost and inefficiencies associated with the management of patient-care supplies. Manual processes are seen as a time-consuming barrier to achieving optimum medical supply inventory levels and costs. To address the needs of the market, suppliers are developing new information systems to improve operational efficiencies and financial results.

The Challenge

Accelerate sales of the new system and build customer references. The project team faced several key challenges from the outset. Most labs use manual systems to track inventory rather than automated systems. In addition, the sales force was not experienced at selling information systems.

The Solution

Develop a launch plan to introduce the new system and deliverables to synchronize with the customer buying process, including:

  • Fresh visual identity for this new innovative system
  • Messaging platform to support sales collateral for both generalists and specialists
  • Demonstration video of inventory management process and system
  • Support product announcements at industry trade events.

By collaborating with marketing and sales, IMS designed an eLearning program and classroom training including:

  • A baseline of knowledge about inventory management concepts and challenges
  • The Inventory Management systems and competitive offerings
  • Sales process and training videos on how to sell system features, benefits and value
  • “Whiteboarding” storylines to add the benefit of consultation to the sales conversation
  • Interactive workshop for sales managers

The Results

Inventory Manager provides demonstrably high return on investment for the lab. The general sales teams are equipped to generate interest and qualify opportunities for the sales specialists. Inventory Manager is the first success in a new suite of information-based products.

"IMS guided us through the entire process of planning, message platform development, sales tool kit creation, and sales training. We needed a high-quality training program because our sales force was not experienced with inventory management systems. IMS provided a top-notch training program on the business process, competitive products and how to sell our product." -Client