Competitive Sales Training


Client Overview

Global supplier of laboratory diagnostic instrumentation, reagents and related services. 

The Project

Using the elements of Commercial Excellence (knowledge, skills, strategy and opportunity management), create a comprehensive learning experience for a global sales force to improve its ability to defend against greater competitive threats, boost win rates, and increase market share for a strategic business unit.  


The accelerating rate of change in healthcare delivery continues to increase expectations of clinical diagnostic systems throughout the world. Healthcare organizations are looking for ways to reduce costs, grow revenue, improve patient outcomes, and improve efficiencies. To address the needs of the market, diagnostic equipment suppliers are developing new products and services at a rapid pace. More competition offering more choices results in longer, more complex sales cycles. In addition, the decision-making process is more complex. Multiple departments beyond the lab are now involved including administration, finance and procurement.

The Challenge

Increase sales effectiveness in a global market that is experiencing dramatic change and increased competition. The project team faced several key issues:

  • The lack of a central repository of reliable competitive information
  • Competitors are continually introducing new capabilities, making it more difficult to differentiate the client’s products
  • Each sales opportunity presents different challenges
  • Need for remote learning techniques to maintain high levels of sales productivity in the field.

The Objectives

  • Provide the sales teams with a baseline of meaningful knowledge of a key competitor’s products and their sales tactics
  • Learn how to use this information to position against competitive threats
  • Learn how to develop account strategies to increase share in the diagnostic lab

The Solution

By collaborating with marketing and sales leadership, IMS designed a three-part training experience that included:

  • Self-paced eLearning modules for each of four major competitors that compared key product features, benefits and drawbacks. Each module included how to develop account strategies to out-maneuver the competitor based on different scenarios
  • Virtual workshops to develop sales skills and apply content from eLearning modules
  • Reinforced learning in local sales meetings using exercises to test competitive knowledge and role-play scenarios

The Results

The top-line sales growth exceeded the market growth rate. This competitive training program provided the foundation for implementing a new customer advocacy model with the sales force. The sales teams report they are more informed and better prepared to develop account strategies that deal with increased competition.

"The competitive training program goes well beyond basic information on strengths and weaknesses. This program teaches our sales team how to target the right opportunities and to develop winning account strategies. Our sales managers love it!" -Client