A New Product, A New Sales Approach


Client Overview

Animal health unit of a global healthcare company

The Project

Prepare a new sales team to launch a new product in a new therapeutic area.  

The Challenge

When our client approached us looking for a way to train their sales force to market a newly approved, branded molecule in a new specialty therapeutic area, the initial challenge was an extremely tight timeline. However, as we began to shape objectives with the client, it became clear that the real challenge was to equip the newly formed sales team to speak with confidence and credibility to a highly sophisticated audience: veterinary oncologists.


The new sales force consisted of seasoned sales people in animal health. However, they were not well-versed in veterinary oncology or the disease state for which their molecule was targeted. As a consequence, the training had to impart a large amount of scientific, clinical, and testing information in a short period of time.

The training had to help the sales force achieve fluency about the disease, current treatment modalities, oncology options available, other branded molecules, generic competition, and the relevant clinical data for their own molecule. It also needed to equip sales reps to speak knowledgably about the oncologist’s customers, primary care veterinarians, and their customer’s (pet owners). Most importantly, it had to empower the sales force to create lasting relationships with oncologists. 

The Solution

Working in close collaboration with the client, IMS created a three-part curriculum, that provided a unique learning experience for the sales team.

Part one: self-paced learning modules to establish the fundamentals followed by testing

and webinar-driven tutorials.

Part two: a three-day, face-to-face, hands-on learning lab experience designed to build a knowledge of the molecule and its role in the treatment landscape for the disease.

Part three: a three-day, face-to-face, practice-driven sales training designed to prepare reps to have effective conversations with veterinary oncologists, techs and practice managers.

IMS brought together a seasoned training designer and sales leader with a track record in healthcare. Working in partnership with the client, IMS created training modules that were highly detailed, delivering complex information in digestible bites. The entire curriculum made learning interactive and easy. It was designed to enable, not overwhelm. 

The Results

The sales force was extremely enthusiastic about going to market with their new branded molecule. They expressed comfort and confidence in conversing with veterinary oncologists. In the early weeks post-launch, they demonstrated competence, generating significant interest in the new molecule. There is confidence that sales will accelerate, as oncologists incorporate this new drug into their practice.

"IMS brought their A-team to each stage of this project, and were very pleasant to interact with. They made a stressful project enjoyable." -Client