A New Model for Launching


Client Overview

Animal health unit of a global healthcare company

The Project

Create a model for new product launches, by designing a sales training experience that sets a new bar for rigor, relevance and engagement.


This client was in their second year of a strategic transformation of their product portfolio. The next product launch involved entering into a new specialty therapeutic area with a branded molecule – a high stakes venture, with no margin for error.

The Challenge

IMS faced three key challenges in designing this training experience

  1. Build credibility for the new product’s go-to-market plan
  2. Prepare the sales force to sell a new product to a new audience in a new way
  3. Equip the sales team to deal with clinic resistance to change 

The Solution

Critical success factors in the design involved:

  • Delivering technical content in bite-sized, self-paced units
  • Build ownership by incorporating the ‘voice of the field’ in the final design
  • 360 Learning – ensure peer-to-peer teaching and learning
  • Set a pace that strikes the right balance of engagement, reflection, and practice
  • Accelerate learning by completing training with coaching and certification by sales and marketing leaders

Working in partnership with the marketing and sales leadership, IMS designed a three-part training experience:

  • Self-paced eLearning modules that previewed the technical content and certified proficiency with fundamentals
  • A “Train-the-Trainer Boot Camp” designed to prepare regional managers and team leaders to be the primary facilitators to lead by example and build trust
  • National Launch Meeting – a three-day learning lab focused on teaching the sales force to translate their technical knowledge into effective sales conversations with clinicians. The design was practice intensive.

The Results

The product launch was extremely successful. The sales force reported that they felt well prepared to go to market and was enthusiastic about this new veterinary product.  Many sales reps described the National Launch Meeting as “the best one yet,” including that IMS’ work was “very organized, professionally run, friendly, effective, engaging, and professional.”  The IMS guidance led to a meeting that was "very well thought-out and accomplished the mission of providing the sales force with the education needed to have a successful launch.”

The meeting "was very well thought-out and accomplished the mission of providing the sales force with the education needed for a successful launch." -Client